RSS feeds on the iPhone

I must have bought or tried out about 10 different iPhone RSS readers and for a long time I used NewsStand as numero uno. I like the ability to edit feeds names on the device and the fact you can manually add additional feeds. The thing that annoys me slightly about it is the way it displays certain feeds images. There is a zoom option which shrinks the image to fit the screen but on some feeds, that have big pics in their posts, it has the unfortunate side effect of shrinking the text so you then have to double tap the screen to make it readable. Also, the "next" post button is awkwardly located at the top right hand corner.

I recently came across Doppler which costs a hefty 59 pence, ooooh very expensive. It links to your Google Reader account. This application is very good for the price and has the best feed post display of any app I have tried to date. You can't however manually add feeds at the moment. It also has the forward and back buttoms for reading posts in the bottom bar which makes them easier to hit when holding the iPhone. I was thinking this is the best appliction so far and then i came across a couple of odd things, thin hs I just cannot explain.

Doppler for iPhone
For example, I subscribe to a couple of feeds that showcase new and ipdated iPhone software. In all other RSS apps on my iPhone the app has synced 20 most recent posts (some using GoogleReader) yet in Dopple, using the same source, only 10 get synced. What is happening there? I can't see a setting on the desktop Google application to change this either.

This just sums up my RSS useage to date. Two or three of the apps have been great and near perfect, let down by only a couple of small things. Just when I think the latest software is going to be the undisputed King a couple of small things detract again…agghhhh. I'd like to be able to take the best of NewsStand and combine it with the same fro Doppler and that would be ideal.

Still, for a measly 59 pence Doppler is pretty darn good especially if you are a Google Reader user. One of the best things is that it has a built in browser that takes you to the exact post and not, like some, to the general website home page. So, for example with pda 24/7 it will take you to the forum post which obviously makes it very easy to add a comment to the post if you are that way inclined.

It has a very simple interface, nothing flashy at all but it is clear and gives you most of the info needed.

I think this will replace NewsStand if i can get the missing posts thing resolved.

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