Facebook, Twitter et all…

Some of my gadget chums have started to really embrace both Facebook and Twitter, even self-professed grumpy boy Shaun McGill (but we all know different Shaun) has been posting on both. I myself have been well known in the post to be somewhat disparaging about both but that is changing, they are actually useful to be able to send cheap messages to others.

My next step logically will be to go for one of those all-in iPhone apps that are AIM style things, the only problem being I do not know any people who actually use them. I'd then be in the position of having the app on my iPhone but then having no "contacts" to send messages to. At the moment I am using the free "twitterfon" on iPhone and it is pretty darn decent but I can't find a way to add on /follow interesting blogs/people from it.

I do use the native Facebook application but had to unsubscribe from various "friends" who were using it basically as a means of plugging their own site. If there are sites I want to visit I prefer to do it manually rather than have it forced down me. I prefer also to use Facebook to keep in touch with chums rather than sites.

There are a couple out there, more than that actually, and one or two are free. One of the latest is NimBuzz and it is costs nowt at the moment.  It also has the advantage of covering FaceBook. I'm sure I also have a Windows Live account set up so could use that too. If you wish to get in touch and exchange ID's or whatever they are called please feel free, it would be good to be able to use these apps.


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