Nokia N97 announced

This will have the many Nokia fanboys wetting their pants in anticipation, you can just hear them now "iPhone killer" etc etc etc….Still, it does look rather impressive and pretty although the big thing about this phone is that it is possibly not due until June 2009. Six months is a long time in the smartphone world and by next June there are bound to be one or two new things out then that will make this look a bit 2008. Why do manufacturers announce devices so far in advance? They always run the risk of not delivering in time and somebody else bringing out a similar device 3 months before them.

My initial thought when I saw the video is "HTC Tilt" and I'm not sure that is a good thing. Plus, it looks a bit laggy when you see the video. Still, having a touchscreen on the menu-driven Symbian o/s should make it less unbearable to use on a regular basis. In addition, the 3rd party software for Symbian s60 is not as widespread or in many cases as good as that available for other platforms. The choice of RSS readers for example is poor, poor in terms of the choice and poor in terms of actual quality.


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