FliqNotes for iPhone

This is a new and free Notes style app from MarkSpace. The big advantage of this app, aside from being free, is that it claims to offer the ability to send and receive notes over a wifi network…sounds more than acceptable.

Fliq Notes is the ultimate notes application for iPhone and iPod touch
users. With Fliq Notes, a free app from Mark/Space, you can send and
receive notes with your iPhone or iPod touch over a Wi-Fi network,
including meeting notes, talking points, recipes and addresses,
directions, messages and whatever else you use notes for.

Notes is the only free app of its kind that lets you save, search and
sort all of your notes by name, date or category.  Fliq Notes is easy
to use, reliable and flexible. Simply download and install the app and
start sharing notes with friends, co-workers, classmates and family
With Fliq Notes:
Create, edit and store notes how you want
Search and sort notes by category or date for faster access to the notes you use most
Organize, select and save notes into categories like Work, Home and School
Fliq, or 'beam', notes to and from iPhone and iPod touch devices


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One Response to “FliqNotes for iPhone”

  1. CK Says:

    Thanks for the reccomendation – nice little app. I just wish that the iPhone allowed access to its note and calendar databases so that 3rd party apps can hook into them, as on Palm and Winmob.

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