Mr Ed and Palm

It's been nothing but depressing news coming out of Palm these days…plunging share price now at an all time low & constantly being downgraded & now rumours of Elevation possibly jumping ship. Oh dear, this new operating system is looking more and more unlikely by the day.

It's surprising that Mr Ed has survived this long having succeeded in taking Palm from innovative smartphone pioneers to near the brink of nothingness and no more than a sad passing footnote in the history of gadgetry.

Looking back, how pathetic it all seems when he was up on stage brandishing the new multicoloured Treo 680's 2 years ago as if they were some incredible huge advancement on the 650 rather than a tiny form factor revision with more memory. A sad portent of things to come unfortunately or rather of things not to come. I mean, it was a while since the 650 had come out and they could barely manage to reduce the bulk or do anything to make the 680 a must have upgrade for 650 owners.

Really, how can a company who were right at the frontline of smartphone advancement with a new o/s have done so little over the past 4 years when everybody else has moved on so much? It's frightening yet he is still there talking up the battle ahead. Many many folk hope they can still turn things around, and I include myself in that multitude but it us starting to look a bit desperate.

Mr Ed. He is like Steve Jobs without the good ideas.


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