some new iPhone apps and changes and Stanza

Okay, I have been really giving the ol' iPhone a workout over the weekend. Firstly, I thought I am paying for this flippin' mobileme push email thingy so I need to try it out and see if it actually works. So, I set up push email on the iPhone and then went onto the mobileme website and changed my preferences to include Gmail. I then went to Gmail and turned on "POP forwarding", setting it up so that a copy of incoming Gmail is sent to my .mac address. If you had previously used Gmail to get your .mac email in Gmail then remember to turn off that option or you will get duplicates. Now, I have push email of sorts for both .mac and Gmail.

Stanza for iphone
New apps include the eBook reader Stanza, which is free and also amazing. It can convert Office docs to the Stanza format so thay they can be viewed on the iPhone. This app is so much better than ereader to date. I use Mobipocket on my treo 680 to view xbox walkthroughs but Stanza can handle that too. I just save the walkthrough off the internet as usual, copy it all into a new Word document and then forward that to myself at home via email I then download the attachment and open it in the free Stanza desktop for mac (there is a version too for windows) and save it. It then converts it into a format readable on the iPhone. You need a wifi connection to transfer it from the desktop to iPhone though, just open Stanza on the iPhone, open "Shared" and if you are on the same network Stanza will see your computer and offer to download the eBook.

This app is so good and so flexible…you need to try it out.

Next new application is WeatherPro. I'm not sure why I bought it as I was happy with FizzWeather but I suppose the WeatherPro apps looks a bit nicer and gives forecasts for 3 hourly intervals during the day which the latter does not. I can't seem to be able to add more than 1 city though which is a let down so far.

I also "splashed" out on a dictionary for the iPhone as I find these handy. This one has a crossword solver built in (WordBook) and was under £5 so has to be good value? There is a big choice of dictionaries available and I found choosing one without a trial facility a bit tricky. 

Flixster Movies is free and amazing too. Apps like this add so much to the iPhone that it makes it hard for me not to use ahead of the 680. Movie listings for local cinemas, times, trailers, links to movie reviews and more make it very useful if you are a movie goer.

I seem to have weird compulsion to buy just about every RSS reader out there and always end up going back to NewsStand. RSS Pro Reader is the latest and not so greatest to fail the test. It behaved oddly, for example, it would not download images for typepad based feeds for some reason whereas every other RSS app I have tried managed no problem.


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