iPhone update is okay…

I grabbed the updated version 2.2 for my iPhone at the end of last week
and it adds some okay stuff. I appreciate the ability to download
podcasts via wifi now without having to go through the tiresome iTunes
tethering sync thing and I suppose if you really value that semi-GPS
stuff via Google Maps then you will be delighted with the street view.
It means little to me though but is something I should use more and take advantage of.

There is also a fix for how the email app handles wide HTML emails and it appears to have worked with no more side scrolling needed. I had a minor problem initially in that I could not delete emails but this apparantly was a common thing and was resolved by going into Settings-Mail-Account info-Advanced and changing the folder into which messages you wish to delete get placed. I changed from Trash to Deleted Messages and that solved the problem…this was only a problem with my Gmail account though and of course I am now back to solely using my .mac account as my main email address.

Another nice touch is in the AppStore where you can now view screenshots of software in the same way you can via iTunes. I find this makes it easier to judge whether something is worth buying or not.

It's hard to say whether things are better speed wise around the device, if they are it is not a hugely noticeable difference but I have been crash free for a few days now and Safari seems more stable too following behind the scenes Apple tinkering.

Overall then a useful update with a lot of behind the scenes/unglamorous small fixes that never receive any great positive publicity but which hopefully make things run a bit more smoothly.

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One Response to “iPhone update is okay…”

  1. Richard Bright Says:

    Hiya Murray,
    I also thought “Street View, nice but no big deal”. Then on Sunday I lost my keys. That morning I had visited Borders and then, on a whim, wandered into a nearby cafe for brunch. Having never visited the cafe before I had no idea what it was called, and thus couldn’t phone them.
    Then I realised that, thanks to 2.2, Street View was now on my iPhone. I fired up Maps, located Borders, switched to Street View mode and ‘walked’ down Chapel Street until I ‘reached’ the cafe. Then I zoomed in on the cafe’s window until I could make out the name, looked up the cafe in Google for its phone number and called.
    They looked but couldn’t find my keys. So I called Borders and the staff found my keys in the computing section. Ahem.

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