Dead Space…update and shitty xboxes…dead annoying

Being basically a shit gamer, I continue to struggle with any game that is remotely not incredibly easy. I need to set these things up on "easy" mode to give myself a chance.

Dead Space is good but I have encountered problems in that my relatively new (and replacement) 360 keeps freezing in that it tells me it cannot read the disc and that it is dirty. It even told me this after about 10 minutes playing Fallout 3 last week…which I'd bought about 2 hours earlier. The discs are perfectly clean so it is a hardware fault. This could be a sign that another 360 is heading on the way out and if so it will be my last dalliance with the console as I will get a PS3 instead. Frankly, the xbox 360 for me has been hugely unreliable as was the xbox before it.

Back to the game. You can power up your weapons and skills by deploying "nodes" which you either find lying around (but not in huge quantities) or buy using your amassed credits. A node is quite expensive to buy and if you do have sufficient credits it boils down to the choice of buying more stuff like ammo or healthpacks or a node or two. The problem is, to deploy nodes to add extra damage or storage capability to a weapon in a quantity that makes an appreciable difference requires about 10 nodes per weapon to get up to about half the maximum settings. It takes a heck of a lot of time to get 10 nodes which is the main problem….especially when there is such a wide choice of weapons. I think the developers ballsed up here.

I decided therefore to concentrate on making one weapon super powerful instead of having 4 weapons that have only been modified to a small extent. Plus, I ensured that my "stasis" power, which enables you to "freeze" the aliens prior to pumping the annoying big buggers full of plasma bullets, was also maxed out. This seems to be working quite well.

After a particularly frenetic mini battle with a group of rather ugly and deeply unfriendly aliens my wife complained about the amount of swearing emanating from the conservatory. My Dad never swore, she pointed out which is undeniably an admirable trait. On the other hand, I pointed out, he was never tasked with saving the planet from maurading aliens.

Needs must and all that……


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