Mac switchers

Macbook pro
Coincidentally or not, two of the sites that I regularly read both feature new mac users. First up is Luca at pdathoughts who has just purchased an extremely nice MacBook, new version and he will be providing thoughts on his new purchase and switch from windows in the coming weeks/months. I hope he likes it.

"I said that I would buy the new aluminum MacBook next year. But with the huge amount of (video) reviews, each day I spent with Vista seemed like a freaking week. After I had visited the Apple Premium Reseller for two times for some playing around, I couldn’t get a hold of myself. I went there for the third time and bought it…"

There is also a new mac user at applethoughts and again I find it interesting to see what windows people make of the mac o/s and hardware. Obviously it is a lot more expensive and you get a lot of the "well I got the same specced windows set up for £400 less" brigade which is fair enough and is a very valid point. It would be interesting however to see how many of them are still using the same set up in 3/5 years time as I suspect a big part will not be owing to their "set up" having given up the ghost before then or not being able to run the latest and greatest windows o/s on it.

My bedroom iMac is now 3 and a half years old. It is a 1.8ghz PowerPC, not Intel, yet it still works flawlessly and is still very very quick. It runs the latest OS version, Leopard, without the slightest problem and I suspect it will still be working in 3 years time and will still be plenty zippy enough for whatever I can throw at it software wise. In fact, my last desktop, a Graphite 400mhz iMac, which was bought in 2000 is still working and is being used by my son…it also runs Leopard, albeit slowly.

When you buy a mac you pay more for it but you know/hope that in 3 years time it will still be going strong,it will still be supported by Apple and it will still be capable of running whatever is the latest mac o/s without any serious internal hardware modifications in order to recoup that extra initial outlay.


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