Smartphone RoundRobin

Goodness, is it really a whole year since the last one? Of course it is stupid hence why they are doing it again. I'm disappointed but not surprised to see that there is no Palm o/s model this year which I suppose is a sign of the times. Nonetheless, for some reason there are two windows mobile phones in this year, perhaps so everyone who doesn't use it can confirm that yes, win mob is really rather crap across the board.

Blackberry bold
Blackberry is represented by the big'nBold, iPhone, Android gets in ahead of the Centro presumably and there is the Fuze and Treo Pro, the latter surely up for most disappointing device of the year award and perhaps final confirmation that Palm can no longer hack it at the top table anymore…go on oor Ed, prove us all wrong next year.

So far, I have seen the vids of Crackberry Kevin struggling with the Pro but being very diplomatic about it, Dieter Bohn getting on (just?) with the Bold and the man from Del Monte, sorry, Android Central, seeming to enjoy the iPhone. Dieter goes on about the Blackberry menu systems, I found them pretty straightforward and in comparison to windows mobile, quite simple in the sense they are understandable.

Personally, I'd hate to be lumbered with the Treo Pro or Fuze for a month each but would welcome the chance to put the Bold and G1 through their paces. It's a fun event though but can probably only go a couple more times before folk know how the participants will react to what are basically the same devices, albeit in a different form factor, each year. Besides, the only true win mob guy in there is Dieter and he is well know for also having an iPhone, they need to get some win mob fanboy in there who has never used one before as that would be more interesting and relevant to see how they get on with it.

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One Response to “Smartphone RoundRobin”

  1. Luca Morandi Says:

    I love the Smartphone Round Robin though, the insights might not be ground breaking but the humor is always top notch!

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