British Dominos

Dominos for iphone
Ahhhhh...this is more like it, never mind all that foreign muck and silly gaming consoles, at last a proper game for the iPhone…

Play the british game of 'Fives and Threes' as played using the crib board!

challenging game is a popular pub game in Britain, and is often played
in pub leagues and tournaments. It is also the game played in the
British National Dominoes Championship.

The game is a member of
the Fives family, in which points are scored for making the ends of the
layout add up to certain totals, in this case multiples of 3 and 5.


– one or two players
– scoring and training modes
– help tutorial and in-game hints
– crib board
– score up to 31, 61 or 121 points
– 7 or 9 tiles game
– online scoring

– 4 tile sets and game themes available


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