Job done…money sort of spent

Anybody who has been following my, at times, desperately sad and pathetic ogoing gadgetry trials and tribulations will be delighted by this one and can use it as further evidence of my waning sanity. I must say I am even struggling to not only justify but accept this latest purchase.

Drum roll…

Yes, an artic white Treo 680. Why?, I hear you ask. I don't know, I reply.

White treo 680
Not only is it a 2 year old smartphone but it has now been just about discontinued, I think, and I have added an extra layer of daftness into this one by purchasing it on ebay from a US vendor. It is GSM and unlocked and therefore should work in the UK and Europe. (At this point I would be grateful if you could refrain from posting comments should you know that in fact it will not work here as this will be a disasterous revelation that may well tip me over the edge). I'm not even going to try and mount a defence here, this is foolishness at its most extreme. I bought it because I just wanted one and the price was about right, including super fast international tracking postage it was under £150 which has to be a decent price. I could have bought a white Centro for £50 more but I genuinely prefer the 680. Typing on the Centro is not an enjoyable or accurate experience for me and my large digits…oooh errr.

I was just thinking the other night that I love my 680 yet it is 2 years old and it is showing signs of old age….the sd card hangs off and is held in place with blu-tac, the battery is 2 years old, the battery cover back door is a bit loose and looks likely to fail sooner rather than later and the on-off switch on the top is a bit wobbly. I would hate to be in the position in 6 months time where the whole thing fails and then I'm reduced to scrambling around looking to make a quick replacement purchase. So why not fill my boots now and get a different colour, brand new one to cover that likely eventuality? Hey, how many artic white 680's are there in the UK?

There are quite a few nice devices out there, ones that have much better specs, have a much nicer form factor but they are all £200 plus more expensive and as I don't need stuff like onboard GPS or Exchange support or a fancy dan camera then I'd basically be paying £200 plus more for 3g or HSDPA. Plus, having had recent experience of so called wonder devices like the HTC Diamond (which drove me back to the palm o/s) I think I can do without them quite easily. I find myself looking at the likes of the Sony Xperia, HTC S740 and their ilk and feeling completely underwhelmed by them as the dawning realisation that within a couple of weeks they would inevitably be driving me mad with frustration. I'm genuinely fed up of HTC's shiny black, fingerprint magnet, 80's (or is it 90's) style retro device look with that awful "diamond' theme thing going on, they will look appalling in a couple of years time. All that "black" reminds me of that horrible black ash 90's style single man furniture phase all us single at the time blokes went through.

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One Response to “Job done…money sort of spent”

  1. curuba Says:

    I too have an artic white unlocked Treo 680 (T-Mobile US) and you will be happy to know it works fine in the UK and pretty much anywhere in Europe. In fact, I just returned from Manchester to the US today and I had no problems sending/receiving calls and text messages while I was there.
    I have never tried the web and email functions in Europe because of the horrific roaming rates you have over there but I expect it would work fine if it was affordable.
    I rarely see white 680’s on either side of the Atlantic.

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