White Centro anyone?

Seems a bit odd for Palm to be suddenly launching a white Centro on us, more than 6 months after the introduction of the original small marvel back in March. It doesn't appear to offer anything extra specs wise. My Centro is still going strong although I have managed to scratch the screen, this is the first time I did not put a screen protector on from day one and as a consequence it is the first ever pda/phone to get a screen scratch. It could also be an indication of the cost cutting on Palm's part to make the price so low, including a slightly less scratch resistant screen?

White centro
It only appears to be on sale via the official Palm store at the moment and at £199 it is quite a bit more expensive than the black version so it seems that you are paying quite a premium for the colour. If it were the same cost as the other one I might be tempted purely because it is cheap, different and I would get a spare battery and a scratch free screen from day one. Mind you, that is me being stupid again.

Having done a bit of online checking, most of the normal e-retailers are flat out of Centro stock such as John Lewis, Dixons and eXpansys which is unusual. I was reading somewhere last week that a new Treo was possibly in the pipeline and this would back that up, clearing out old stock in preparation for a new model or is that just me being wildly optimistic? If we exclude the 680 which came out 2 years ago there has only been 1 new palm Treo model in the last 24 months here in the UK, not exactly spoiling us for choice are they?


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