Old and new…

Those wondering why there has been no mention of the big bad boy Tungsten C can rest assured that the "project", as I know like to call it, is still alive and kicking but just not receiving much attention at the moment. I'd still like to get it up and running as a full time dedicated PDA type thing but reality is kicking in and with it the dawning realisation this might be one project too many for someone like me with limited technical ability.

Treo 680 photoshopped
I tried to change the battery out about a week ago. I got so far as removing the back cover and then discovered, to my dismay, that the battery is still not accessible but rather requires the further removal of the big bit with all the little bits soldered on first. I tried to prise that bit out but got stuck, panicked and hastily abandoned the idea. Time to regroup and reassess the available options I thought at that point and swiftly re-attached the back cover. Ahem. And so the big fella has lain dormant in my gadget drawer since, a place which inevitably means only one thing…"ebay" beckons.

Anyway, this brought home a few things. Firstly, today's devices with their easily replaceable batteries  are a godsend in comparison and make me wonder how we managed to put up with ones that don't offer this now basic take-for-granted feature. Secondly, more recent screens look far better than the ones on devices like the Tungsten C, brighter and crisper and much more vibrant. I also like knowing that if the battery dies then my info is safe, as it is with the 680 and not as it is with the C.

The 680 of course is hardly knew itself, I think I bought it about 2 years ago now but it is still going strong and although the specs are fairly basic by today's power devices standards I still really like it. I like the big bright screen, I have lots of great palm apps installed to aid productivity, well not so much productivity more "fun" really, and the keyboard is first class so getting stuff onto it is easy. I know the Centro is a better device with a better camera and a vastly superior form factor but I just can't live with the smaller keyboard and hence, I intend to stick for the time being with the 680.

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  1. tonyk Says:

    I’m no Sony fan boy but they were bring out budget Palm OS devices with removable batteries years ago. While the smartphones have moved on Palm’s current range of PDAs (Z22, TE2, TX) still do not have removable batteries of course.

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