Nokia N96 review

I always like to see Nokia's getting Nocked as I think they are over-rated, hard to use and generally look better than they go. Yes, I know it is childish but if you believe some sources they can do no wrong. Mind you, I did listen to a podcast recently where the guy was laying into the E71 and giving it some serious jip.

Here is a shortish review of the N96 that does the job nicely.

"…the Nokia N96 looked like a handset just
too hot to trot with enough multimedia options to keep you entertaned
on even the most mundane train journey. In practice however, the N96
left us disappointed.

Just like the N80 years ago, the N95 and every other groundbreaking
Nseries device from Nokia, software issues are rife. The Nokia N96 is
slow where it should zoom past its competitors and this quite frankly
demonstrates that Nokia may be the creator of ambitious devices, but
they're not always as pleasing to use as competitors' models"

Talking of reviews, here is a nice video review of the Sony Xperia from pda 24/7. The comments in the thread are interesting. There's a huge difference between 'customisability" and "tweaking". To me. customising is something you do to make your device look better or different…"tweaking" are things you need to do to make it work better. I don't need to tweak the iPhone as it works well out of the box but I can easily customise it by adding my own preferred applications, screensavers etc etc. I'd like to tweak it to add copy and paste though…..

It irritates me when these win mob die hards bleat on about how "tweakable" windows mobile is as if that makes it superior to everything else, in itself it is an admission that the o/s is inherently faulty and needs a myriad of changes to get it more useable. If you like that sort of thing then great. Tweaking should mean that you start off with a good device and then make some small changes to make it even better but the reality with a lot of more recent devices seems to be that you are starting off with a fundamentally over-fancy o/s and need to make substantial changes to make it more pleasant to use.


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