Simple Window Set for mac

Some may find this to be a useful liitle application and it does have its good points but one or two small things are a bit disappointing.

Simple windowsets
The point of this app is that it allows you to invoke, from the menu bar, easy access to sets of windows and arrange them in a nice, neat order. Thus for example, when I use the Missing Sync for Palm I tend to have the Missing Sync open and in addition, my file which contains all the palm prc files I have bought in case I want to install one or two more. Sometimes, when downloading a demo from the internet I also have the Download window open too. This app then lets you set up a "set' which you can name whatever you want so that when you open the Missing Sync application the other two windows will open at the same time in the pre-arranged neat order.

In theory then you can set up a whole lot of neat and tidy sets that will cover off certain apps and certain Finder windows that you tend to associate with that application. Sounds good and to a large extent it is but it gets let down by the fact that it won't open the initial application when you open the "set". So, for example, when I click on my "Missing Sync" set it opens the two windows but not the application itself. You have to open the Missing Sync app yourself. I think it would be far more useful if Simple WindowSets was clever enough to open the application for you. Still, if you often have a lot of folder windows open then you would no doubt find it very useful indeed, particularly the ability to arrange them in a logical tidy order.


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