Net/Note Books

Simon came up with a good idea for a way to spend my ebay dosh that doesn't involve wasting it on another phone that will inevitably be consigned to ebay within 5 days….a Net/NoteBook type thing. Only problem there is that I know zip all about them except that they run either Linux or XP. I think I would rather have one that runs XP but have no idea which one would be a good bet for around £350, which is the amount of ebay dosh available for wasting/spending on this new item.

I think I saw a good review of the MSI Wind recently, is there anything else I should be considering in this price range that anyone could suggest and what sort of minimum specs should a chap be looking at in order to have an enjoyable XP experience? Or perhaps Linux is the way to go. I don't think I would be using it much at home, more for wee jaunts out and about so that I can leave the precious at home.

I also note that Simon has ventured back into Twitter land and I think I will be doing the same thing despite previous misgivings. I see that quite a few sites use Twitter to advertise posts and you can sign up to follow them. If anyone wants to follow me give me a shout….form an orderly queue.

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4 Responses to “Net/Note Books”

  1. Tony Says:

    If you’re looking to spend around £350 then the MSI Wind is a good machine to consider. The Eee 901 / 1000 are also worth a look. Although I’ve not seen one ‘in the flesh’ the HP Mininote has had some iffy reviews – a very slow processor apparently.

  2. Paul Schofield Says:

    I recommend an Advent 4211 Netbook. It is a re-badged Wind, with the same guts. I bought mine from PC World for £270 about 2 months ago, so you would have a little dosh over 🙂
    It is a very well-built machine, small & light. It has 1 mb RAM & an 80 gb HD & runs XP very well.
    I have added an extra 1 gb of RAM, very easily, and am running Vista on it with no problems (other than getting the Vista drivers)

  3. unwiredben Says:

    I looked at the MSI Wind, but ended up with an Asus Eee 1000H and I’m really happy with it. The screen is great, and keyboard is almost as good as the Foleo’s but with all the keys needed for PC software.

  4. Neil (PDA247) Says:

    Acer Aspire One, with Kubuntu 8.04, here – and I am very pleased with it indeed. I’d opt for Linux over Windows, but, it’s personal preference at the end of the day.

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