Money to burn

Asus m530w
Sold the Treo Pro last night on ebay and got what I paid for it so that was a major surprise and bonus. I also had some dosh from a previous ebay sale so now have a sum of money available for gadgeteering. But what to buy? I will be staying well clear of Windows Mobile touchscreen, there is no cutting edge palm treo on the horizon, I quite fancy the Blackberry Bold but think the extra £10 a month to get your email delivered is an absurdity and thus have an issue with that so that leaves either a Symbian device or Windows Mobile Standard.

Regular readers will know my innate inversion to all things Nokia (life is too short to spend it wading through their layered menu system) so by a process of elimination that leaves WM Standard as last man standing. Not a hugely appealing thought. I still, for some sad reason, quite fancy the Asus M530w even though it is Bold like in its dimensions. I think the fact it looks like it could be a surrogate Treo is oddly enticing and it has a side jog wheel and reasonably fast sounding processor. I would welcome any comments along the lines of "don't be a bloody fool" to help desist me from this potentially disasterous purchase.

I was rather hoping that Apple would introduce a cheap netbook style laptop around the £400 mark and the cash was earmarked for this but of course these hopes have once again been cruelly dashed. I suppose I could wait for the forthcoming HTC S740 but fear for the ridicule that would follow for owning a phone that looks like a TV Remote. As opposed of course to the jibes for owning a phone that looks like a calculator (Asus)

If I had any modicum of sense I would just bank the money and wait but of course I don't have much sense when it comes to gadgets so that was never really an option. The money is there to be wasted, that's my motto.


2 Responses to “Money to burn”

  1. Statto Says:

    Don’t be a bloody fool!
    LOL, no really if you want to do it, go ahead. I can see what’ll happen though.
    It’ll feel too big, there’ll be a problem setting up or collecting your email, the battery life will be crap, or the screen too small, and a week later you’ll be firing up e-bay again.
    How about a different gadget direction altogether? What about a netbook. Asus EEE or similar. Smaller and easier to chig around than your Macbook – and a site less expensive if you drop it. Could go for the wonderful XP versions (not just Asus devices now) or a Linux jobbie?

  2. Luca Says:

    I wanted to make he same joke!
    Ah well, I will say it anyway…
    Don’t be a bloody fool! 😉
    Just kidding of course.

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