Microsoft Office for mac

I bought this over the weekend. I'd been looking at it for a while and decided to go for it, I bought the cheapo Home & Student edition and have been playing about with it for a day or so. My main reason for buying it was to get full integration with the work stuff that I sometimes bring home to finish off (I use a Dell laptop at work) and I also wanted to try out Entourage for Mac. I think £99 for a suite of powerful apps like this is good value and hopefully it will work out well.

Office for mac
I've not been that impressed with the default Apple Mail application plus the fact that Entourage is an all-in email, calendar, todos and contacts application is an attraction as I dislike having to open iCal and Address Book and Mail to get the same functionality. There's a huge amount of Preferences in Entourage and it has taken me ages to get it set up the way I like but importing existing accounts and messages from Apple Mail was a caker via the import wizard. To have all that stuff under the one app is great and so far I am really liking Entourage.

Just a couple of minor things which I'm sure you win mob chaps out there can help with….firstly, the install disk has 3 different serial codes on it. Does this mean I can install it on 3 different computers? Secondly, the  online "Help" menu sort of appears in a fairly random manner. Can I turn this off?

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  1. Global X Says:

    Yes, Microsoft gives you three serial codes so that you can install it on three different computers. That’s why it’s called the Home Edition: parents and kids can use Office 2008 on their Macs at the same time!

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