Sony Xperia almost out

Various sites are pointing out that this will be available on various carrier deals sooner rather than later. Is it going to live up to the hype that it achieved earlier this year? Coolsmartphone, who had some serious server issues at the weekend, point us to this review…a comparison with the Android based G1. 

Well, it seems that the text is quite small and the panels interface caused some concern there's some concern about the X1 "panels" interface and how easy it is to control the device with your finger. The build quality and design do receive praise however, and overall the device scores highly.

Previous reports had told us that the keyboard is a bit average which if you add on to the awkward to use interface ( a hardly less than important facet of any device) and small text may mean this device is not going to live up to the hype. Still, at least the build quality is good….and the win mob guys seem impervious to the fact that just about every other o/s is quicker and easier to use so that shouldn't be a show stopper for them.


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