PalmGear is back….but for how long?

PalmGear may have had a reprieve but it could be a temporary one. I was having a browse the other night, first time for ages, and was surprised to see how few downloads most of the apps are getting. Some of the so claimed "best sellers" were struggling to muster more than double figure downloads for this month so far. These figures must be way down on the good old days and cannot be making the store much cash.

I guess it is symptomatic of the general malaise Palm finds itself in. The browsing and download figures are obviously well down and possibly most die-hard users have taken their custom elsewhere following the initial store shutdown a while back.

Looking at the "new software" section, as at October 9th there had only been 8 (hardly rivetting) new bits of software added in the last 2 weeks. Compare that to what is happening over at the Apple AppStore where a veritable deluge of new stuff arrives on a weekly basis, much of it pap admittedly.

It's all a bit sad really, there seems a stench of defeat there… fading splendour from a once glorious age now laced with a very generous dollop of all round apathy. Take a look at how un-recently most of the apps have been updated, if one in five has been updated in the last 12 months that is a generous estimate.

Golly, I can remember the first flushes of excitement from my Treo 600 days as a raft of Treo optimised apps appeared on PalmGear, heralding what we all thought would be a never-ending golden age of innovation. Oh dear. Now, it is only the truly dedicated, like Rob from Hobbyist Software who are actively updating their palm apps on an ongoing basis. Even Iambic seem to have slowed down the once tidal rush of Agendus updates.

Right, I'm off for a cry now.


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