Palm apps update…backups and Resco Backup

BackupMan pic
I had to dump the free NV Backup off my 680 this week as it would just jam at various points during backups requiring a battery out reset. Tis a pity. I then realised I had a licence from my TX days for Backup Man so in re-installed it and it appears to be working just fine. It is pretty slow at doing backups, perhaps that is a sigh…ahem…that it is doing a thorough job? Probably not but after my latest backup I was brave enough to do a full restore from it and all seems to be working fine…at least I know it is working which is a relief and inspires confidence.

I had also tried out Resco's Backup application which turned out to be good, it is very quick at doing backups and has all the features you could ask for in such an app. Had I not had the existing BackupMan licence I would have unquestionably purchased it. If the guys from Resco wish to send me a free copy I won't say no on account of any silly principles….frankly I have none.


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