HTC Touch HD not US bound

Goodness, looks like the US will not be getting the "goodness" (does anybody else out there hate that expression which seems to be prevalent) that is the Touch Duo which is going to really disappoint a lot of people. I think they sort of assumed that as it is going to be a fairly major product from HTC then HTC would ensure it would be available over the pond. I must say that must be hugely frustrating but it is something I have experienced myself. I remember being upset that we would never get the 3g enabled Palm Treo 700 but in view of all that phones problems it was probably a blessing in disguise.

Still, HTC must see themselves as being a European/Asian based company and see that as being their core market. Perhaps they feel they can make enough dosh from sales here without having to worry about the US and in particular the extra development and distribution costs needed to make the phones work on the US 3G networks. Still, it's not as if there is a shortage of iPhone killers out there anyway what with the Samsung Omnia being available for the win mob fanboys. No doubt by the time the Touch HD would have appeared for sale there will be another couple of Touch Duo clones doing the rounds.

'Dear Jim…can you fix if for me to get my hands on the "goodness" that is HTC Touch Duo"

"No…piss off….howzabout that then?"


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