The Pied Piper?

Email on iphone
This is an interesting post that caught my eye this morning over at pda 24/7. I suppose it was inevitable that other manufacturers would try and launch their own versions of the iPhone although it must be said that the majority of them have on paper, far superior hardware specs. It surprises me that people compare the likes of the Samsung Omnia with the iPhone as there is a huge difference, specs wise, in favour of the former and if you were a huge power user then you would only be looking at one of these devices and it doesn't have a fruit logo on the back.

Still, luckily these so called power users form only a small percentage of phone owners ( a fact they continually forget) and for the vast majority (an often overlooked fact) ease of use is still the number one consideration, well at least after the size of the camera anyway. Anyway, I digress (waffle). Shaun says:

There seems to be a growing feeling that the iPhone
will capture too much of the market unless some alternatives are

I don't think this and it is the first time I have read it anywhere. It's not so long ago that the likes of PDA 24/7 were sniggering about the lack of sales of the 2g iPhone here in the UK when it was first launched and now, all of a sudden it is going to take over the smartphone world? Nah…it just won't happen as there is too much good competition and some of the devices mentioned will be in there fighting, particularly the Blackberry Thunder methinks. Anyway, so what if the iPhone took a huge chunk of market share? Windows on the desktop has about 90% market share and you don't read about that being a problem on these non-Apple sites do you?

If the iPhone does become some smartphone goliath it will be because it is a bloody good device and when the hype and advertising is taken out of the equation and people see beyond that folk will keep buying it for that one reason. It is up to the rest of the non-Apple manufacturers brigade to bring it down. Let the battle begin because no matter what your preferred platform is, we will all benefit.


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