Yikes…the pain goes on

Another home match and another home defeat, that makes 4 out of 5 so far this season. We are sitting 2nd bottom and the team below us, if they win tomorrow, will send us to the bottom of the pile. Oh dear. All the pre-season optimism has well and truly dissipated and with winter fast approaching, things don't look too bright.

Our defence is still a shambles You'd have thought that the manager, after seeing us concede 4 to a 2nd division side in the Scottish Cup SF last season would have brought in a rough and ready good old fashioned, plain stopper but no, we persist with the same lightweight and error prone central duo. We have nothing creative happening in midfield at the moment and are struggling to score. As for upfront, we persist playing a guy, Mackie, who is probably the worst striker I have ever seen in over 35 years watching the Dons. The manager obviously doesn't think that the ability to score a few goals is a pre-requisite for a forward but instead values more the ability to run around like a headless chicken for 90 minutes. Fair enough.

We had about 65% possession today but that counts for nothing if you cannot do zip all with the ball when you have it. There's a real stench of nothing-ness around Pittodrie these days and it starts with the stadium. It might have been the first all-seated, modern style ground in the late 70's but now it is really starting to look its age. Aberdeen desperately need to move to a new place and try and kick start things from there.


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