Why did I do this?

As regular readers may recall I still have a Treo 680 which I fire up now and again, mostly just to marvel at its sheer bulk and width especially when you have shoehorned an extended battery into it. Only kidding, I still have extremely fond memories of this device and it gives me a warm glow. I used to think this was the bees knees and to a certain extent it still is. Looking back, I probably used this phone for well over a year and a half of unbroken continuity which is testament to how good it was for my needs. Crikey, I'm lucky if I get 2 weeks out of a phone now without chucking it.

Mine however had started to become a little slow, apps took a couple of seconds to open and there was a general sluggishness all round. I think this was because I had given it the same hotsync ID as my Centro and had mistakenly hotsynced it once or twice using the Centros ID. That couldn't have helped and no doubt a whole load of files that were not meant to be installed on it got installed.

So, a couple of nights ago I decided that the only option was to hard reset it and start from scratch again. I have a shedload of unused apps lying around from another older hotsync ID from my TX days so that seemed like a good starting base. It's been ages since I did this sort of thing on a palm device and my memory of whether it was a simple thing had gone a bit fuzzy. Nonetheless, on I went. First step was to hard reset the 680, establish a connection with Missing Sync for Palm (ensuring that the old hotysnc ID was deleted) on my MacBook Pro and then start the re-installing of apps process. I then remembered that good practice is to load on several apps and then check the device to make sure nothing was causing any problems. When that seemed okay I did a quick backup so I could go back to any point I wished later should trouble arise.

After about an hour and a half later I then wondered why in the name of God I has started doing it. I was only about half way through the process. I didn't want to re-load on anything from the memory card in case that was causing the original problem so had to start from complete scratch, I couldn't load on any settings from any of the applications either as I wanted a completely fresh load up. It's not the installing of apps that takes the time rather it's the getting the settings on the app set up the way you like after.

Eventually, after more than 2 hours I had finished. On the plus side, the 680 is snappier and on the downside, I missed all the Champions League games on TV. Thing is, I'm still not really sure why I did all this as the 680 is unlikely to get much use over the coming months. I suspect I did it because I could and it seemed like a challenge, perhaps I hoped that when it was all up and running and I saw how fast it is I would suddenly decide to go back to using it on a full time basis. That's unlikely, not because I have anything bad to say about the 680, I still love it but rather the iPhone can do just about everything it can do and present that stuff on a far better screen with the same ease of use. Or perhaps I did it because my other devices are all loaded up and working rather nicely and I like to come home after work looking forward to the prospect of some serious gadget tinkering….if I have nothing lined up then I like to fabricate a tinkering need or two.

Anyway, I'm going to step back in time and use the 680 for a bit…there's still something about it I luuuurve.


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