People love Vista

Of course they do…according to the BullMan

Mr Ballmer also insisted that Windows Vista – much criticised by some users – had been the most popular operating system that Microsoft had ever introduced.

But he did admit that there had been problems.

"Any time you change something as fundamental as an operating system people will have issues," he said.

And asked why there seemed to be little passion for Microsoft amongst many consumers, he said people loved the products even if they did not love the company.

"With their Windows PCs people have what I would call a love/hate relationship.

"There are things they'd like us to do better but if you asked them if they loved what they're able to do with their PC, I think they'd say 'Yes'."


One Response to “People love Vista”

  1. Simon Says:

    Hi Murray
    I like Vista. I really do. I use Home Premium on one of my home PC’s (XP Home on the other), and personally,I find it miles better than XP, although as is the case with Windows anywhere, you have to delve and tweak a bitto get it working the way you want to (Hey, that sounds familiar – that’s why Win Mobile is such a PITA! – easy, and arguable reasonable on a desktop, pointless on a handheld!)
    There are a couple of things about Vista that irritate though, but my main gripe is it doesn’t like my version of Outlook 2002 – won’t hold an email account password – makes me type it in every time – apparently this is resolved if I “upgrade” to OL 2003 or the even more bloaty (and expensive) OL 2007. No surprise there. Perfectly good piece of software becomes u/s, not because it’s not up to the job, but because they want you to upgrade.

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