Pass the remote

Look at this, what a strange looking thing…don't snigger at the back now as yes, we know it looks like a TV remote control.

I'm suddenly all a bit wary of HTC stuff after that awful MDA thingy I had, Still, this has to be a decent thing running as it does WM Standard which, as true smartphone users know, is a lot nicer to use than the other WM versions. No?

Taking smartphone communication beyond the practical… the HTC S740
transcends power, usability and simple key-control to deliver the most
joyful and intuitive writing experience.

Designed with both beauty and function in mind, (you sure about that?) the S740’s slender
formation of bold angles and distinctive facets perfectly conceals a
slide-out keyboard that makes typing-intensive tasks more pleasurable
than ever before.

Working in perfect harmony with the S740’s quick messaging tools…
writing documents, texts, emailing and instant messaging conversations
feel as natural as they do on a notebook, giving you the freedom to
communicate the way you enjoy the most.


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