I give up

Okay, I concede defeat to the walking power that is the Treo Pro and it shall shortly be going on ebay, hopefully onto somebody with a good deal more patience than I. What a disappointment it has been to me, I just found it too unwieldy for my needs. too slow, too awkward and a whole lot of other failings that I can't be bothered going into.

Treo pro
Even using wifi is slow. Slower than on the iPhone. Downloading feeds via Spb Insight turned into a painfully slow experience with frequent stoppages where nothing would happen. When I use NewsStand on the iPhone the feeds bomb down speed wise via wifi in comparison. I installed Resco Neeews, my favourite palm RSS application, via StyleTap but it would constantly freeze when trying to update the feeds via wifi….not Styletap's fault of course but I had hoped that I could have used the application within the emulator programme but it was not to be. The app is also hampered by the fact that the hardware controls don't work in the same way that they do when using the palm apps on a native palm device, the whole thing is just a bit limited.

This is definately my last windows mobile experience, the whole thing is not for me. There is too much slowdown, the beach ball comes out to play too often and this even on a supposedly cutting edge design & specs phone like the Pro. 

God how I hate the inbuilt email application too which seems to have a mind of its own at times. Frequent "check your settings" and "mail could not be downloaded to the device" like messages do not make for a pleasurable experience. Funny that how suddenly your settings, which worked okay last time and have not been changed, cease to function, must be all that legendary windows mobile power having a mind of its own….never seems to happen on the Centro or 680 or iPhone which apparantly, are very un-powerful devices. How nice it has been in comparison to have used Snappermail on the 680, it may not have HTML or some of the supposed power features of the win mob app but by golly it is reliable and quick for this users needs.

It's hard to say just how disappointed I am, not just with the device but more in the sense that my high hopes have been dashed. I genuinely believed this would be the device that would help take my win mob experience to the next level but alas no. Make no mistake, it is a lovely phone with great specs but it just leaves me a bit cold and wanting the same in a palm o/s version. With RIM and Apple increasing market share, with Android now unleashed and likely to grow as other manufacturers bringing hardware to market and Nokia having a huge market chunk almost by default there is only going to be one loser in the years ahead and you know what, on the evidence of this clunky software stifled Pro, they will only have themselves to blame.

Microsoft needs to learn a lesson and learn it soon and it ain't a terribly hard one….clunky, difficult to get a grip with underlying phone software is NOT what the public at large want now or going forward. It might be acceptable in a sort of IT forced this phone on me and I had no choice sort of way but where people have a choice it may well be a different matter.


2 Responses to “I give up”

  1. Global X Says:

    “it just leaves me a bit cold and wanting the same in a palm o/s version”
    This is so sad that the folks at Palm don’t get this. It’s not only about the hardware, it’s also about the user interface and the overall experience. The Pro’s packaging is great, the design is terrific, but at the end of the day, you still have to deal with Windoze. Awful…
    I use a CDMA Palm OS Treo in the US where I am based, and a GSM Windows Mobile Treo when I travel to Europe and Africa.
    There is absolutely no comparison, to such an extent that I almost resent the moment when the pilot says that we have landed in Paris, London or Dakar, because I know that now is the time to turn the Windows Mobile unit on, and I know that I won’t enjoy it (the food in Paris helps a bit, fortunately).
    And of course, I get just the opposite feeling when we land back in the US. I know that I will have a reliable, enjoyable user-friendly experience with my Palm OS unit.
    Are we ready for the new Palm OS. Oh yes!

  2. Global X Says:

    An idea for a post: compare the sync process between your Mac and either a Treo, a Blackberry or an iPhone.
    Now it’s clear that the iPhone syncs very well with a Mac (doh), but I hear that there is no Notes app that can be synched between the computer and the mobile. Also, the sync needs to be done through a cable, not via Bluetooth or OTA (Over the Air) unless you have a .mac/me account or you use ActiveSync with an Exchange server (no Notes app here either).
    Blackberries do well in OTA sync, assuming you are willing to pay for the RIM service (quite an expensive monthly fee in addition to your carrier data plan). Does it have a Notes app?
    Treos sync very well with Bluetooth and it has a Notes app that syncs with Entourage’s. Yeah! But can you sync a Treo OTA using ActiveSync and get the Notes app to sync as well? I don’t think so…
    My point: not only is each device different when it comes to using them as individual mobile tools, but they also act in very different fashion when you connect them with your Mac Mother Ship.
    Can you elaborate on that?

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