Greedy developers

Read this post from xbox360 fanboy website and see what you think. This guy laments that the second hand gaming market impacts on sales of new games…no way, really? Instead of bleating about it perhaps the developers should reduce the price of their games so that they are more affordable, that would help things for starters.

He then goes on to infer that developers should also get a slice of the income pie from the 2nd hand games market. Can you believe that? Let me put it this way. I own a VW car and when I sell it to either the garage as a trade-in or to a private buyer I wouldn't expect, and neither would the law, that I would have to pass a slice of that sale price back to VW. They already made their profit on day one.

What a cheek these people have. They seem to think that after you have paid your hard earned dosh for a game they still have some sort of right of ownership to it and would then try and dictate what you can and cannot do with your property. Well, luckily the law thinks different chaps at the moment.


One Response to “Greedy developers”

  1. Tonyk Says:

    Perhaps what they are failing to realise is the 2nd hand market is important for a lot of people in raising the cash to buy new games.

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