Mobile companions

Celio redfly I see that the Celio Redlfy is now available to purchase and at £254 it is encroaching on mini PC territory. I'm struggling to see how this type of product can be justified, all it seems to do is mirror, admittedly on a far bigger screen, what is on your windows mobile smartphone. Surely, something like the MSI Wind would be a far better solution. Okay it doesn't link to your device but you could install activesync on it and sync any changes. Besides, it would be far better for browsing on. If you use the Redfly and your phone then you are running down the battery on both plus internet access is dependant on your phone's connection speed whereas on a mini PC style thing you would get quicker access via a usb stick contract…the likes of Vodafone do a HSDPA stick.

I don't know, I was quite defensive about the Foleo when it was announced but now, a year or so later, it just seems a bit pointless when you see what has been launched since. You can just see this market sector dying a pretty quick death unless they can come up with something that offers users something else in addition to the smartphone mirroring. If somebody offered me one for nowt I would certainly take it but I'd rather have an EEEPc or something similar along those lines.


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