Double Whammy

I gets up this morning, full of the joys of life and bang…the cable broadband has gone down meaning the cable TV is out of action and no home wifi or surfing. Boo hoo. I could have used the Treo Pro to download via HSDPA but frankly I couldn't be arsed with the 10 or so steps that windows mobile devices require to do most actions. 

Then, when I get into work at 7.45am I find I am taking it up the jacksy from some of those good ol' rednecks on pda 24/7. Take a read at this and can you imagine how much it hurts, how my personal and professional integrity has been questioned…can you feel my pain? Nah….

Perhaps some of them don't properly understand the English language? To quote a post and then write "yawn" does not defend Apple. Rather, it indicates a degree of boredom with the predictability of that posters comment and unsurprising response.

Much as I like pda 24/7, these days they seem to delight, for some reason, in any tiny tit bit of news that disses Apple and it gets stuck on the front page for all the baying win mob and Nokia diehards to revel in. Then you have to face a barrage of "fanboy" comments if you have the audacity to not even defend Apple but just indicate that the subject is less than interesting and that other manufacturers of computing equipment have perhaps done far worse things down the years than ban a tiny application from the AppStore. I stuck this point in on purpose in a post as I know it will get some of them going…should be some interesting responses.

 Let's get this straight, I don't like the idea of Apple banning apps but unfortunately they are perfectly entitled to do under their Terms and Conditions. So, why get all excited when it happens, do these clowns seriously not expect them to do it?

Besides, there are ways of getting your "banned" application onto iPhones that do not involve the AppStore and this is a route I followed to get Podcaster on last week. It may be slightly messy but it works.

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One Response to “Double Whammy”

  1. Luca Says:

    Yeah, you’re right.
    I love PDA247, these bashers can be found on every tech forum I’m afraid..
    And then to think that a few months ago, you wanted to set me straight! 🙂

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