Treo Pro arrives

Thanks to Shaun for sending out the Palm Treo so quickly, the packaging and device itself look brand new although there was something odd stuck at the end of the stylus….(ask Shaun)

Treo pro
It is always hard to get a definite view of a device from a few hours play but so far I have been guardedly impressed. It is without doubt the nicest looking and feeling palm smartphone device but that wouldn't be hard. It is slightly taller than a 680, about exactly the same size width wise but is hugely thinner and the black glossy material is not as slippery as other…errr…black glossy devices. The keyboard is a lot better than the Centro one and I can type quite accurately using finger tips without having to angle my nail towards the keys like I have to do on the Centro. It feels a lot more comfortable to type on.

As is traditional with every windows mobile device I have used, I continue to have problems sending and receiving emails. I set it up okay, it downloads first time and then the next time I try to connect it tells me the settings are wrong. If I cancel the download and try again it works fine with no changes to the settings but then will refuse to download any email later on. Hugely irritating, I must be doing something wrong-ish as nobody else seems to have this problem. Should I be using the o2 smtp settings?

It seems pretty quick, I have over 60mb of free RAM to run apps in which is the most I have ever seen on a win mob device so that should help things run a bit smoother. On the HTC S730 I had earlier this year there was under 20mb available out of the box! Not good.

So far then, a huge improvement over the awful HTC Diamond but of course it is early doors. Missing is the classic Palm threaded SMS but of course WM 6.1 has this built in already and it seems at least as good as the palm version.

God, if only this thing was running the palm o/s.


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