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Last time I looked there was nearly 1000 games available on the AppStore which dwarves any other category. I sort of thought this would happen and it doesn't exactly further the iPhone's reputation as a productivity device. At the moment I only have two games installed, Solebon card game which I have always had on virtually every phone in the last 3 years as there is a great free palm version, and Brain Challenge. I'm still not sure why I bought the latter as I have barely played it.

Tiger woods 09 pic
I keep looking through all the stuff on the AppStore but they really need to get some filtering in as all game genres are just lumped together and it makes scrolling through the list on your iPhone a bit of a nightmare. You need to set aside a whole afternoon. I still much prefer the idea of a dedicated games console platform for gaming though, playing the likes of Star Wars Unleashed, or whatever it is called, on the iPhone would just seem distinctly 2nd rate to the xbox 360 version to me.

Talking of xbox games, my copy of Tiger Woods 09 keeps freezing, just like the 07 Tour version. It's really irritating and happens randomly, normally after about 10 minutes playing, mostly at the loading screens after a challenge has been completed. I'll need to see if anybody else is having this problem but I did read of another recent EA title suffering from the same scenario.

Updated...seems like others are having this problem too.

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One Response to “iPhone games category”

  1. Luca Says:

    I love gaming on my ipod Touch!
    As a matter of fact, I have currently 16 of them on my device.

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