Treo Pro

Right then, I have purchased a second hand Treo Pro and am awaiting its arrival. This is from a less than reputable source (ho ho Shaun). On reflection, I must be mad buying used goods from Shaun as his devices always seem to be plagued by mysterious nonfunctioning parts and software. This will replace the non-arriving Asus MR530w which eXpansys managed to completely balls up and still haven't refunded me yet.

I'm not as excited about this thing as I normally get when a new device is on its way, perhaps because of my fading enthusiasm for windows mobile, enhanced of late with the disasterous MDA Compact IV and the contrast with my iPhone for an ease of use comparison. Still, I did like the Treo 750 and still feel a degree of loyalty towards Palm and the Pro has better specs than the 750 in a hopefully nicer form factor. Having read Shaun's review today I feel even less excited, still, can you trust the opinion of a man who wears his phones on the belt?

If this association doesn't work out then that will be it with windows mobile professional anyway. Honest.


One Response to “Treo Pro”

  1. Statto Says:

    Second hand? He’s not had it long enough to run the battery down yet! LOL
    I wouldn’t worry too much about his reviews anyway (I’m sure you won’t) as he seems to be getting far to “corporate” these days. Blimey, he’s had the Bold for about a week now without swapping it out for something else…..

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