DVD Remaster Pro for Mac

I had been using the free Handbrake for some time for ripping DVD's onto various mobile devices but it just seems to be getting slower and slower to the point where I had cancelled several rippings after a couple of hours and with only about one fifth of the process done. I read about this application on a mac site somewhere and decided to download a trial. Crikey, it is quick compared to Handbrake. I ripped my DVD copy of "Once Upon a Time in America", a good 3 and half hours worth of film, in an iPod format in less than 2 hours. Wow.

The file size is pretty big though, I think I could have got away with a lower setting, in fact I know I could. I can't seem to stop myself from going for the better quality settings even though I probably don't need them. Nonetheless, the film quality is amazing on the iPhone, crystal clear and flicker free.

It is pretty expensive at $49.95 but I took the plunge as I want to do more of the same but the sheer slowness of Handbrake has kind of put me off doing more. I'm off to Barcelona this week so I wanted to get a couple of films on the iPhone to watch on the plane. The whole process was simple, there are presets for iPod but not for the iPhone yet although if you want a lot more control over settings that can be accommodated too. One neat feature of the Pro version is that it removes the black bars from your films and you can pick what goes on and what gets left off. Oddly, I had to download a couple of extra applications, Fairmount and some other player to be able to rip my own DVD's, without them I would just get an error message  when attempting to rip the film. This never happened in HandBrake. This app is probably a bit of a luxury when you consider the price and that Handbrake is free but is well worth it if you place a large amount of importance on the much speedier ripping process. Now that I have it, I will use it a fair bit purely because of that latter point where before, using HandBrake had become a bit of a chore.

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