New devices coming very soon

Yep siree, the Asus M530w should finally arrive very soon. Despite ordering it on Friday morning, asking for Next Day Delivery and ensuring it was actually in stock, eXpansys for some reason decided not to actually post it out until Monday and when I queried why they just ignored my email. Not too worry, i can't really complain about the level of service from them as I have always found them to be very good so I will put that down to a one-off blip.

Talking of eXpansys, they now have a link up with both PDA 24/7 and Palmaddicts and offer shop facilities for both sites. The former are offering a £10 discount off any order over £20 and you can check it out here. I must say Shaun has been an absolute gent of late, firstly he agrees to sell me the cutting edge, brand new and latest "hot' handset, the Qool QDA for a knock down bargain price and then he sends an email asking if I'd like some spare accessories. What a guy.

I'm looking forward to having a giggle at the Qool, check out Shaun's somewhat bemused video review. I'm not expecting by any manner of means to be impressed by this thing but for sheer novelty value, it has to be a goer. I love flip style phones and used to love my Handspring 270. Check out that antenna…they don't make em' like that anymore, quite literally.


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