HTC go launch crazy

Neither of these devices make me want to go back to windows mobile touchscreen like for example the Treo Pro does. The win mob chaps will be getting very excited about the specs for the big one and already the predicable "iPhone killer" phrase is being bandied about with gay abandon.

Oooooohhh, check out that HUGE processor, oooooh have a gander at all that free RAM, ooooooohhh feast your googlers on the wifi, HSDPA etc etc etc. All very impressive and very exciting if you are of that persuasion of course. Moi, I'd much rather have a Treo thanks very much especially as it won't come burdened with HTC's ill thought through and cumbersome TouchFlo. I was listening to a Modaco podcast this week and even the guys there, committed win mob and HTC lovers (fanboys?), admitted that the HTC Diamond has some flaws, not least the capacity to hide the text boxes when trying to type using their suretype keyboard.

The two Touch devices hardly look that revolutionary, minor updates to the original Personally, I cannot think of a single reason why I'd buy either of these devices although the iPhone like one looks more interesting. But that's just it isn't it? That's about the limit of HTC's innovation these days, bring out a device that looks like the iPhone, cram in everything under the sun and hope it works in a manageable fashion. To me an iPhone killer is a device that is easier to use not one that has every spec under the sun slapped on in the hope of trying to blind the specs are King brigade to other failings. Who knows, perhaps it will be the first win mob device that is actually a pleasure to use, if so then great. Just look how excited though the guys at coolsmartphone are about all this…there's about 7 posts covering the launches.


One Response to “HTC go launch crazy”

  1. Paul, England, UK Says:

    Have a look at this French hands-on video. The HD seems very snappy, TouchFlo seems ok on this device, also Google Maps, & YouTube are pretty fast too. I can’t wait for this one. I’ll be using this with my soon to arrive Palm Treo Pro!

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