treo 750v anyone?

Now that I feel reasonably comfortable with the WM5 system and that the treo 750v is on the horizon, admittedly somewhat distantly, I was just wondering whether I should be looking to get the treo750v. At this point in time I would have to say probably not. My current device, Qtek S200, does all that the treo can do and some more with the notable exception of not being 3G enabled.
In most other aspects, the things that are important to me, it is a very capable device. It is also smaller and lighter than the treo and although it doesn’t have a built in keyboard it is very easy to use with excellent dpad support. It really is a breeze to zoom through the menus.
I would say at the moment I am more likely to get a 3G enabled version of what I have now, if it comes out.

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